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The perfect Jewish deli (well, dairy.)

B&H Restaurant (not to be confused with the camera supply store, that would be awkward) delivers the best diner food anyone would ask for in a vegetarian way. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this long, narrow restaurant is the kooky way they do things. Mike, a 6 foot 8 Egyptian man takes your order as his comparably tiny coworker, Leo, slaps some butter on the fluffiest challah you’ve ever tasted and puts it on a little Dixie paper plate. If you sit at the counter, you can see your food being made only 3 feet away and boy is it good. If you go there for anything: go for the french toast. Made on their challah bread, this french toast is the creamiest, eggiest and most cinnamony (I know it’s not a word) thing you’ll ever put in your mouth. They serve it to you on a miniature platter, three slices an order and let me tell you: one slice is enough to fill you. I’ve been coming here for the past six months at least once a week and Mike and Leo never disappoint.

Also, if you’re a fan of juice, they’ll squeeze you the freshest orange juice in the East Village.

Located on 2nd Avenue and St. Marks Place, look for the green awning.

(Take the L to 1st Avenue or 6 to Astor Place)

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